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About us


Italian Food & Beverage Consultants

London, United Kingdom


EATALCO is an Italian Consultancy Company specializing in new business development of Italian F&B on New and International markets.

Headed by Sergio Lieto, a renowned restaurateur and former owner of multiple successful restaurants in Sydney, Australia where he conquered the Australian market through innovative Italian cuisine and quickly became a name in the who's who in the restaurant scene.

Based in London and Italy, EATALCO is available to New Companies entering the UK and International Markets with a series of services and skills to ease the difficult task to venture in new territories, with strong competition.

The Team is formed by several professionals with International experience, to guarantee a success story.

EATALCO creates Restaurant Concepts for International Clients working alongside renown Italian Interior Designer Companies and Restaurant Consultants.

EATALCO also provides culinary consulting and restaurant management services encompassing brand development, F&B supply, staff training as well as marketing and strategy.

Our services

Food & Beverage Consulting, New food design & development, Creation of Italian concepts in International Markets, Architectural Projects, Building Renovation, Licensing Permits, New Business Development, Marketing and Strategies for struggling concepts, Staff Training, Restaurant Operations, Start-ups.

EATALCO is a hub of various Professionals, from Pizza Chefs to Food Designers to Webmasters, working together on various Projects and bringing to the table years of experience and the ability to look at each project with a fresh approach.

Our record speaks for itself.